TARIAN + Jean Baptiste Fastrez

winter 2016




Since 2010, French designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez has been drawing inspiration from the materials and processes traditionally used in eyewear, creating a number of unique pieces.

For two years, he worked alongside an Italian glassmaker focusing on a unique technical challenge: to apply a pattern over the whole lenses’ outer surface while keeping it invisible from the inside so as not to impair visibility.  And his “Venice” glasses certainly offer a unique experience!

“Venice” glasses:

Available in both black and tortoiseshell finishes. Limited series (320 editions)



spring 2017





Earlier this year, Jérémy Tarian was invited to hold a workshop for ten selected students at HEAD – Genève (Geneva University of Art and Design/Switzerland) as part of their studies for a Bachelor of Arts in Design. The Workshop’s theme required students to reinterpret the tortoiseshell color from the Italian acetate factory Mazzuchelli ©. The winning concept by Eva Gaumé, a candidate for a Bachelor in Jewellery and Accessory Design, is called Eva. Its tortoiseshell color is surrounded with clear transparent acetate that evokes an illusory construction.


There will be a limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide. This is Jérémy’s second collaboration with HEAD – Genève and Eva will be marketed under Tarian +.



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