TARIAN + ic! berlin

winter 2017


For Summer 2017 ic! berlin teamed up with their former bookkeeping intern turned eyewear wunderkind Jeremy Tarian for ic! berlin x tarian: a collection of vegan* organic fair-trade regional non-GMO deconstructed decaf soy cappuccino eyewear for vegetarians, humanitarians, egalitarians, fruitarians and antidisestablishmentarians.


Comprising two correction frames and one sunglass, ic! berlin x tarian features not only a new hybrid construction method for ic! berlin, but also five custom acetate laminates curated by Tarian and named for some of his favourite cruelty-free foods:


A for asparagus

B for beetroot

C for courgette

D for dragon fruit

and E for echallot (Tarian is French, after all).


ic! belrlin X tarian is available May 2017 from herbivorous and carnivorous ic! berlin dealers worldwide.




spring 2017




Earlier this year, Jérémy Tarian was invited to hold a workshop for ten selected students at HEAD – Genève (Geneva University of Art and Design/Switzerland).


The Workshop’s theme required students to reinterpret the tortoiseshell color.

The winning concept by Eva Gaumé, is called Eva. Its tortoiseshell color is surrounded with clear transparent acetate that evokes an illusory construction.


There will be a limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide. This is Jérémy’s second collaboration with HEAD – Genève and Eva will be marketed under Tarian +.



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